Architectural Glass Art by Patty Gray

Patty Gray used Fremont Antique Glass for the lighting fixtures in this lodge. The fixtures were larger than the sheets that Fremont makes so the fixture design was changed to incorporate the smaller glass sizes.
Friendship Lodge is up in the Lake Wenatchee area (Cascade Mountains in the state of Washington). The glass that they chose was a flashed glass that is creamy and has beautiful streaks or what's called veins in the glass. Jim Flanigan, owner/glass blower of Fremont Antigue Glass, let me pick out the sheets from the custom orders. The glass was beautiful, the forged metal really set the glass off. The fixtures were perfect for the lodge.
John Loeffler of New Blue Moon Studio forges his metal and makes the frames for lighting after the glass is formed so it fits just right. The photo at the bottom shows some of the bowl stands that John has made for me.
Lodge installation
Lodge Fixture
John Loeffler's Iron Work

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updated 30Oct2002